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Spouted Pouches design

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Sauce Bag / Spout Sauce pouch
Haide / Color Leader sauce pouch packaging Benefits,
● Much more space efficient and require less area to store in warehouses.
● Fewer shipping cost of transportation.
● Leakage-proof as priority
● Temper physical layer structure prevents packaging to getting scattered or torn.
● Perfect and fine matte Vanish or Gloss effort provide best brand promotion.
● Lighter packaging.
● Energy saving.
● Conveniently lighter and more portable.
● Spouted pouches can evacuate up to 99% of the product.
● Provide shelf impact that differentiates your products from the rows of rigid packaging currently on shelves
● Provide increased printable sides to present attention-grabbing graphics that resonate with consumers.
It is a huge segment market of sauce packaging in the human food packaging market.
Customized Tomato Based Sauces
Customized Hot Sauces and Chile Based Sauces
Customized BBQ Sauces
Customized Ethnic Sauce
Customized Sauce for seasoning,
Customized Sauce for ready-to-eat food
Industrial Sauces
Haide Packaging creates industrial sauce packaging for every customized sauces for all areas of your food service operation. With reformulation, optimization, packing machine matching, and new product development services, Haide manages all aspects of your commercial sauce flexible packaging needs. This is all accomplished with the innovation, high quality, barrier, and consistency you deserve.
The pouch packaging process innovated with many quality protecting and cost-saving advantages are why it is the package of choice for so many food service establishments. HD packaging engineers are experts at listening to your needs and crafting innovative prototypes that incorporate with every request kind of spouts together with convenient features such as easy pouring handles and modern shapes to differentiate your product. We have access to a large variety of spouts fitments.
Bacteria Inhibiting film Technology:
Haide Packaging as the leader company in flexible packaging industry who has the patented filming technology of Bacteria Inhibiting filming application on food packaging, large scale applied by industrial clients in form of roll films and custom pouches, and dramatically changing the sterilization method of retort, boil or pasteurization with reliable supplement that certain content can be boiled with this technology to substitute retort, making a much easier retort pouch while keep better taste and flavour.
Sauce Pouches Testing
Leakage is a nightmare of Sauce packaging during its long shelf life. Haide / Color Leader Packaging perform a number of rigorous tests on every custom sauce pouches to ensure your pouches will perform throughout the shelf life of your product. The various tests we perform include:
Seal strength test
Lamination Adhesion test
Drop test
Tensile test
Burst test
Compatibility test
Compression test
Spout Leakage test
Puncture resistance test
Trial order on smaller MOQ to make sure we do the desirable artwork revivification on the aptness of the client. Variety of different zipper lock application to make it easier for resealing or filling on manufacturing.
TypeSauce Bag / Sauce flexible packaging / Spout sauce pouch / Ketch up bag / Industrial sauce packaging / Sauce Roll film
Structure and Multi-layer laminationPasteurize
3 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, Barrier PET/PA and LLDPE(Extra White)
4 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, Alu, PA and LLDPE
5 layers(larger volume and size): (matte ink) PET, ink, PA, Alu, PA and LLDPE/CPP
4 layers: (matte ink) PET, ink, Alu, PA and RCPP 121C
5 layers(larger volume and size): (matte ink) PET, ink, PA, Alu, PA and LLDPE / RCPP 121C
Oxygen BarrierTransparent Oxygen barrier (OTR)  <0.1, <1, <2, <4, <6cc/m2/24hrs
Moisture BarrierTransparent Moisture barriers (WVTR) <0.1g/m3, <0.4g/m3, <1.0g/m3, <2.0g/m3, <4.0g/m3/24hrs
Other ApplicationVariety of finished likes matte, Gloss, Varnish, Registered matte and gloss finished printed, Registered matte and gloss finished printed, tear notch, handle, hanging hole
Spouted Pouches design

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